Sanders Supporter, Former Senator: U.S. 'Founded on Racism and Sexism'

Oh, please.

Interviewed on MSNBC by anchor Chris Jansing, former Ohio State Sen. Nina Turner (D), a Bernie Sanders supporter, gave her reaction to the turmoil at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign rallies Saturday.

Breitbart reports that Turner declared racism was to blame. Rather than challenge the former Senator on her idiotic assertion, Jansing attempted to draw more of the same from the woman that MSNBC once called "a rising star" in the Democratic party: "Do you think there's an underlying racism?"

"Oh, Chris, there's no doubt about it," Turner replied. "Look at what happened in this country as soon as the first African-American president was elected, President Obama."

Right, because it couldn't possibly have had anything to do with Obama's radical policies or his aggressive divisiveness, so it must be racism.

Turner went on:

All of those underlying tendencies that this country has -- and I know we like to wax poetic about the Founding Fathers, and they wrote some very eloquent words, but there were no African-Americans at that table, there were no native Americans at that table, there were no women at that table, there were no Latinos at that table.

This country was founded on racism and sexism, point blank. And we need to admit that. It would be one thing if Mr. Trump was standing alone, but he is not standing alone. So we need a leader that is going to speak to our higher selves, and that leader is Senator Bernie Sanders.

It's hard to imagine how someone this historically ignorant had once risen to the position of Senator, or that any serious media outlet would think that Turner has an insightful perspective. But this is MSNBC, after all, and the "America is racist" narrative must be perpetuated.

Image AP/Tony Dejak