Sanders "Berns" Clinton in Fundraising

Outpacing the "front-runner."

It is probably not easy for Hillary Clinton's campaign to admit it, but they have finally done so. CBS reports that Clinton's campaign manager Robby Mook admitted on Thursday that the 74 year-old socialist senator Bernie Sanders raised more money last month than Hillary:

"He outraised us in January," Mook said, at a Bloomberg Politics breakfast Thursday. "We've been very candid with our online supporters that Senator Sanders' online supporters have given more often -- a higher proportion of his list contributes.

Later Thursday, Clinton's campaign announced that Clinton had raised $15 million for her primary campaign in January, compared to the over $20 million raised by Sanders' campaign. Sanders collected donations from over 770,000 individual contributions, with online donations averaging $27 apiece. Clinton's campaign said 95 percent of its donations in January were in amounts of $100 or less.

Sanders has stunned political observers with his ability to raise small amounts of money from Americans who don't normally donate to political campaigns, while Clinton raises money from deep-pocketed donors.

In fact, as the Iowa vote, which was effectively a tie between the two, was nearing, Clinton was forced to head to Philadelphia to attend a fancy fundraiser to keep her campaign going.