Sanctuary Cities Cave in Face of Trump's Funding Threats

"We're going to see more."

In the face of President Trump's threat to pull funding, several sanctuary cities around the nation are abandoning their vows to harbor illegal immigrants from federal authorities, according to Fox News.

Telling reporters he did not want to risk hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding, Mayor Carlos Gimenez of sanctuary community Miami-Dade County in Florida, for example, ordered jails to comply with federal immigration detention requests.

Other communities that have abandoned their policies of shielding illegal immigrant suspects from Immigration and Customs Enforcement include Dayton, Ohio; Saratoga, New York; Finney County, Kansas; and Bedford, Pennsylvania.

“We are reviewing policy changes at a multitude of other jurisdictions as well,” said Marguerite Telford, CIS’s director of communications, who said her organization is “being inundated” by officials who want their cities to be taken off its sanctuary map.

There are reportedly more than 300 government jurisdictions that claim to be sanctuaries -- 106 are cities and the rest are states, counties or other units of government.

As Fox reported,

The changes have come on the heels of President Trump’s executive order giving the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security the power to cut federal funding to communities that are deemed sanctuaries for illegal immigrants. Trump also has authorized the DHS to publish a weekly list of sanctuary communities.

“Are you really going to pick and choose what laws you’re going to enforce?” asked Telford. “If you want a change [in immigration policy], go to the legislature.”

Some communities are rethinking their sanctuary policies, but some public officials still intend to defy Trump’s orders.

“We’re going to defend all of our people regardless of where they come from, regardless of their immigration status,” said Communist Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York at a recent press conference. Do you expect anything less from de Blasio?

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel also vowed to resist Trump's sanctuary city-busting. “I want to be clear: We’re going to stay a sanctuary city," Emanuel said. "There is no stranger among us… you are welcome in Chicago as you pursue the American dream.”

What a pompous joke. Chicago's version of the American Dream is "staying alive through the weekend," which is becoming increasingly difficult in Emanuel's strictly gun-controlled murder-topia where gun violence is off the charts. As if crime weren't enough of a scourge there, he wants to harbor criminal aliens.

Meanwhile, other cities are going to cave in. “We’re going to see more of this,” said Ira Mehlman, spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform. “Faced with the possibility of losing federal dollars, they’ll choose to keep funding public services rather than protecting illegal aliens.”

“It’s incredibly disappointing to see cities and counties scaling back so-called 'sanctuary' policies," says Grace Meng, a senior researcher with Human Rights Watch, "which were largely adopted to further public safety and ensure immigrants weren’t afraid to call the police."

If sanctuary cities were adopted to "further public safety," they have failed miserably. Just ask San Francisco's Kate Steinle, famously murdered by a repeat deportee who sought out the city precisely because it was a sanctuary city.

The time for making excuses about these criminal jurisdictions and their Democratic enablers is over.