San Juan Mayor Sends Not-So-Subtle Message to Trump with T-Shirt

See what she did there?

The feud between San Juan, Puerto Rico Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz and President Trump continues with the mayor over the hurricane-devastated island. She fired the latest shot, sending him a blatant message on live television via her T-shirt, which read, “Nasty.”

It’s a word that came up during the campaign when Trump accused Hillary Clinton of being a “nasty woman.” Clinton wore the moniker with pride and hoped to rally other “nasty” women as herself. Now, it seems, Mayor Cruz wants a piece of that feminist action.

In an interview on the Spanish network Univision, Cruz donned a black T-shirt with the word “nasty” appearing in bold, white, all-cap letters. She apparently likes message Ts, as she wore one last week in an interview which said, “HELP US. WE ARE DYING.”

In actuality, what Trump said about the mayor was that Democrats have told her to be nasty to the administration. However, Cruz couldn’t pass up playing the victim. She certainly is living up to the name on the shirt.

However, when Cruz appeared on American television, MSNBC, she wasn’t as bold. Instead, she wore a jacket to cover the shirt, but you can see the letters peeking through a bit. She knows exactly what she is doing in playing her Spanish-speaking audience against the U.S. president.


As a side note: Remember when First Lady Melania Trump was raked over the coals for wearing stilletos out of the White House to go visit Hurricane Harvey victims even though she landed in Texas wearing sneakers? Well, here's something interesting the media is completely ignoring. Just thought we would point it out: