San Fran CEO Spews Hate at 'Stupid,' 'Racist,' 'Misogynistic' Middle Americans Living in a ‘Sh*t hole’

Make no mistake - this is what the liberal elites think of you, flyover Americans.

As reported by Red Alert Politics, San Francisco-based Melinda Byerley, the CEO of TimeShareCMO, exposed the coastal progressive elites' real feelings about the flyover plebes across America on social media Saturday, dismissing middle Americans as "stupid people" living in a sh*thole.
Here is Byerley's nakedly bigoted message:

As Red Alert Politics notes, Byerley apparently isn't aware that there is an exodus from her beloved urban centers to those sh*tholes: "More than 15 percent of Californians were moving to Western and Midwest states, 17 percent of Connecticutians were leaving for the Midwest and South, and 13 percent of Massachusetts residents moved from their blue state to red states. Nearly a quarter of people from New York and New Jersey moved to red states in the Midwest, rust belt, and south."

The backlash to her smug and insane bigotry was enough to force her to back partially down. She later tweeted that she had spoken "inartfully" about middle America -- by which she means she still defends the bigoted content of her rant but might have stated it in a more palatable way. That's not an apology.

Make no mistake, flyover Americans -- her original tweet represents what the so-called "liberal" elites think of you.