San Diego Professor Suspended for Discrimination Against White Student

"Whiteness is synonymous with evil."

A professor who discriminated against a Caucasian student has been yanked from his San Diego State University classroom.

Oscar "Ozzie" Monge was suspended from his three American Indian writing rhetoric sections for threatening to reduce Crystal Sudano's grade because of her endorsement of the school's Aztec mascot.

According to spokeswoman Jill Esterbooks, speaking to the College Fix on behalf of SDSU:

"[Monge] is not teaching any classes this spring semester."

Monge is known for his outspoken castigation of the school's use of an Aztec mascot. Via Facebook, he has said the character's braided hair represents cultural appropriation. He called Sudano a racist for wearing a t-shirt featuring the mascot. For his actions, the controversial teacher was found guilty of racial harassment, racial discrimination, and racial retaliation by the California Department of Justice.

Monge's view of the world through a racial prism isn't limited to his thoughts on mascots: about the school's student association -- who had voted to keep the Aztec as the university's fighting symbol -- he told Sudano:

“The AS (Associated Students) is something else that confuses me…the way it’s structured, the way it runs and how damned white it is."

According to the CDJ:

“Monge retaliated against Sudano…after she complained to [him] about his discriminatory and harassing conduct, and appeared to undermine Monge’s thesis in the mascot resolution debate. Monge told Sudano that her grade would be lowered.”

Subsequently, Sudano withdrew from the class.

During the investigation, Monge denied any wrongdoing, saying:

"Whiteness is synonymous with evil."