Salon: GOP Happy to Ruin Economy

Joan Walsh said on Monday's Politics Nation with Al Sharpton that the GOP is just about blocking President Obama.

On Monday's Politics Nation Al Sharpton welcomed Joan Walsh of and MSNBC Political Analyst, and Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) to discuss the Senate's delay of the unemployment benefits vote. All three lamented Republican opposition to extending federal unemployment insurance beyond the 99 week mark and said the American people want an extension, an argument others in the MSNBC lineup, like Ed Schultz, have been making for a while.

Joan Walsh said that extending benefits would help the economy, despite claims by Republicans that an extension would delay those on benefits from seriously job hunting and therefore delaying them getting a new revenue stream and putting money back into the economy.

When Sharpton told Walsh "it actually would help the economy", Walsh agreed saying,

Right, it actually does in the end more than pay for itself with its stimulative effects on the economy... It's really odd, I mean my colleague Brian Beutler, this is not my idea, but he suggested today they're happy to hurt the economy, they're happy to hurt the economy under Barack Obama. They're not rooting for a strong recovery, they refuse to see what's necessary... Just like their phony shutdown... took 24 billion dollars out of the economy, this is gonna take several billion dollars out of the economy as well...  So it's really so stupid in so many different ways!

Al Sharpton has not booked a Republican congressman, Senator or analyst to discuss the conservative opposition to extending unemployment benefits.