Salon: Face of White Rage in America is an 'Irish Dude on Fox News'

"Racist, xenophobic, small-minded, right-wing Irish-American intolerance."

Andrew O'Hehir dreams of a time when he was proud of his Irish heritage. But writing for Salon he asks, "How did Irish-Americans get so disgusting?" Then he goes on to attack two Irish-American hosts on Fox News -- Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity.

Also included in his Irish ire are Pat Buchanan and Rep. Peter King. O'Hehir calls them all:

[T]he most stereotypical grade of racist, xenophobic, small-minded, right-wing Irish-American intolerance.

O'Hehir says that Fox News hosts are the "face of white rage in America:"

When you think of the face of white rage in America, it belongs to a red-faced Irish dude on Fox News.

In a Facebook post, followers are encouraged to click the link to read the article and learn how to reclaim the Irish tradition of "social justice."


Post by Salon.


O'Hehir concludes in his article that he is proud of his Irish heritage "up to a point" but despises the Irish association of "a bunch of unappealing right-wing guys yelling at us." He longs for what was, and is willing to endure his own suggestions of stereotyping to get there:

But I’d put up with many choruses of 'Danny Boy,' and many rounds of green-label Budweiser, to get back that feeling we briefly had of being an immigrant group that was trying to confront its history, and to see the prison of whiteness for what it really is.