Russian Deputy P.M. to Gay Olympians: 'Please Do Not Touch Kids'

"That's the only thing."

Russia Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak spoke to reporters Thursday in Sochi and asked gay Olympians and fans not to touch kids, according to

Olympic organizers translated his statement:

We are all grownups, and any adult has his or her right to understand their sexual activity. Please do not touch kids. That’s the only thing. During the opening ceremony, during the closing ceremony, during the sports events, I hope that we will not see such problems.

Homosexual sex is not a crime in Russia, but in June 2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin introduced a law that forbids the promotion of homosexuality to minors. This law has been perceived by many as anti-gay, creating a controversy for those athletes who may choose to express their homosexuality in protest during the Games. Russia's Interior Ministry has planned for this by setting up restrictions on protests to a confined area seven miles from the Olympic arenas. 

In January, Putin told Olympic volunteers that there would be no discrimination towards gays at the Games and that gay people should "feel calm" and "at ease." But like his prime minister, Putin added, "leave children in peace, please."