Rush Limbaugh Show's 'Bo Snerdley' Describes How Liberalism Hurts Blacks

James Golden, long-time call screener for conservative giant Rush Limbaugh better known as "Bo Snerdley," opened up in a passionate 30-minute interview with The Daily Caller's Ginni Thomas recently about the destruction and pain the black community has suffered at the hands of liberalism.

Ginni Thomas, herself the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, spent the first half of the interview grilling Golden about his take on the modern perils in the black community and the second half about his involvement with Rush Limbaugh, something he described as delightful and rewarding.

In the interview, Golden opened up quite explicitly about his anger towards the destruction liberalism has wrought upon blacks, holding back no punches. IJReview provided some notable quotes below:

  1. “What liberalism has done to the black communities, it’s not a monolithic community, is horrific.”
  2. "Most black people live their lives as conservatives; a lot of them vote liberal because that’s the way their families vote, that’s what they grew up voting. And because they believe the press hype, and by the way Republicans haven’t helped. The last batch of Republicans in DC haven’t help with the branding.”
  3. "The progress for black people is not going to be found politically it’s going to be found inside. This hope and change thing has translated into the same old BS: let’s blame the Republicans for everything.”
  4. "Message to Black America: there are no Republicans in your neighborhood. They left years ago. They are not there. They are not to blame for your problems. The problems in your neighborhood are the problems of those people in your neighborhood. The reason why black people have problems in black neighborhoods is not due to Republicans.”
  5. “By the way, Obama was never in your neighborhood either. And he’s not coming. Unless you’re up in Martha’s Vineyard and you’ve got a golf course.”

​Golden also lamented on the tragedy that has become of black entertainment since rap music replaced soul and wondered why blacks do not get nearly as outraged about the number of abortions committed on black babies every year as they do about Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.