Rush on Bashir: MSNBC Hires The 'Most Despicable Human Beings'

He Apologized, "But I don't know how he's still there"

On his Tuesday program, Rush Limbaugh added his voice to those criticizing the vitriol spewed by Martin Bashir last week and MSNBC's tradition of hosts using vile language to smear conservatives.

After asking anybody who was listening with kids to turn of their radios for a minute because of the repugnance of Bashir's words, he let loose in typical Rush Limbaugh fashion:

Okay, last week, Martin Bashir, the British import, former host of Nightline, now the lowest rated show on MSNBC, which is saying something, three o'clock in the afternoon, Sarah Palin had claimed that all of this debt and all of this mess with Obamacare was going to enslave the American people to debt, that Obamacare was enslaving people.  And he just lost it.  He told a story about some Jamaican plantation owner who punished his slaves by requiring them to defecate in the mouths of other slaves.  And he suggested this is what needs to happen to Sarah Palin.  That somebody should defecate in her mouth.  It's just abject, pure, unadulterated, low class hatred. 

So he apologized yesterday with a heartfelt apology and so forth.  But I don't know how he's still there.  I mean, the fact that people at MSNBC didn't find that reprehensible in any way and let that stand for -- how long, was it Friday he made the statement?  So the whole weekend goes by, he doesn't apologize 'til Monday, and nobody over there at that network apparently had a problem with it to let it go on and on that long, and then for that to just be mitigated with an apology. 

This is what continues to amaze me.  These are some of the lowest, particularly at that network, just most despicable human beings.  Forget liberals or whatever.  And they're given positions of prominence and so forth, and they just constantly embarrass themselves and everybody else.  They do it with this smug arrogance as though they're smarter and better than everybody else.  Sarah Palin never did anything to this guy.  This guy's beloved president is embarrassing himself and plummeting in every way possible.  So we gotta go out and malign Sarah Palin. 

Last week, TruthRevolt launched a petition and a twitter campaign seeking action from MSNBC and its sponsors against Bashir for his offensive remarks against Governor Palin. The petition gained national attention when it was linked at the Drudge Report and by Breitbart News. You can add your name to the fight by clicking here.