RuPaul: ‘Gay Movement Will Eat Itself from the Inside Out’

“Forget an outside threat, the 'Gay Movement' will eat itself from the inside out #OrwellAnimalFarm”

RuPaul, America’s most high-profile drag queen, tore into those in the gay community who attempt to police offensive language, comparing them an Orwellian regime and warning that if it keeps it up, the gay community “will eat itself from the inside out.”

The drag queen has been in the middle of some intra-gay community shouting matches as of late over his use of the term “She-Mail” for messages to him on his show, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” (on LogoTV), as well as his criticism of those in the LGBT community offended by the word “tranny,” which he uses liberally. (which wasn't sure how to handle RuPaul's anti-pc remarks) reports:

Over the weekend, RuPaul accused those offended by his use of that term as well as “tranny” of operating in bad faith and policing his behavior in an attempt to become the oppressor, mocked the idea that the Logo network had distanced itself from his remarks, and joked about the concept of an LGBT community in the first place.

Here is the series of his tweets: