The Royal ‘I’: Obama Takes Credit for 6 States Raising Minimum Wage

Obama: “Since I first asked Congress to raise the min wage, six states have passed laws to raise theirs.”

In his weekly address Saturday, President Obama pushed his minimum wage agenda hard and himself even harder, emphasizing the royal “I” early and often, and touting his own political influence as the inspiration for six states raising their minimum wage since he urged Congress to do so in his State of the Union this year.  

To make sure his fans didn’t miss it in his weekly address, the White House tweeted the president’s proud claim Sunday (with a link to the video):



The White House tweeted a few other highlights of the address, most of which conspicuously feature his trademark first-person claims:



As for the president taking credit for the six states following his lead, there’s one problem: he actually asked for a minimum wage increase in his State of the Union last year, too. So are these states raising the minimum wage in response to his request in 2013 (a measly $9 back then), or 2014’s magical $10.10...?