Ronan Farrow's Tea Party Sneers Attacked By ... Chris Matthews?


On Ronan Farrow's show today on MSNBC, Chris Matthews and Chuck Todd appeared as guests to discuss Eric Cantor's primary loss yesterday.  They covered a variety of angles on the subject, but one exchange was particularly amusing.

Farrow noted that the race is now likely down to two college professors. He seemed to conjecture that the liberal professor is naturally the smarter of the two, eliciting a surprisingly strong pushback from Matthews, who had already spent much of the segment up to that point looking like he would rather be anywhere but on Ronan Farrow's show. Matthews responded:

Well, first of all, I don’t think you can assume that the liberals are smarter than the conservative professors. I think that’s crazy talk, and it’s exactly the attitude conservatives can't stand. I don't know which professor is more popular but that doesn't mean that's the better professor first of all.

Secondly, I think, I was listening to Brat last night, I listened to him today. I think he's very sophisticated for a politician. He's certainly up to the ranks of most politicians I've ever dealt with. He speaks in a speculative manner, in an intellectual manner, he can handle any debate on this program or my program.

Farrow chuckled audibly when Matthews called Brat sophisticated. But Matthews was not yet done. It was the next line that is surely grounds for dismissal at MSNBC. Emphasis added:

This looking down our noses at Tea Party people has got to stop. They have a message, they’re as American as any liberal is, and they’re really angry of the failure of the system.

That could not be more out of step with MSNBC's overall message, exemplified by host Touré being absolutely dumbfounded at Martin Luther King III's suggestion that liberals and black Americans "engage" with the Tea Party just a few weeks ago. 

Farrow, like nearly every other young liberal Democrat trying their hand at punditry, has a picture in his head of the Tea Party that is no bigger than the two shooters in Las Vegas, nor any more imaginative than a snobby editorial cartoon. The actual real people out there with legitimate concerns and laudable values are, to these young pundits' minds, either imaginary or simply putting on an act to cover their true, racist nature. Apparently even Chris Matthews has a limit to how much ignorant, willful blindness he can tolerate. Who knew?

You can watch the full segment below. If you have the time, it's worth it just for the novelty.