Ronan Farrow Links Baltimore Landslide to Global Warming

Global Warming ruins all the things!

This morning the White House released their global warming report, and MSNBC has been in high dudgeon ever since. The network, which often decries "fear-mongering" from Republicans, is running dire predictions and using scare words like "coastal flooding," "extended droughts," and of course, "Celsius."

On Ronan Farrow's show, he opened his climate armageddon segment with various clips showing the devastating impact of global warming, which the network has repeatedly stated over the course of the day is "already here." One of those clips show the now famous collapsing Baltimore roadway, showing cars, asphalt, an embankment, and even trees and light poles dropping dramatically from view as they collapse away. Global warming, you see, is eating streets.

There is only one problem with that clip. The landslide that occurred in Baltimore had nothing to do with global warming. The area in question was being held in place by a 120-year old retaining wall that simply gave way under saturation from recent rain. Not global warming rain. Rain rain.

Far from being some new or unique horror cropping up in the early days of a warming climate, this is a common occurrence. Maryland Geological Survey Director Richard Ortt stated, in fact, that this "happens all the time." Additionally, the rain track by the roadway had been "highly modified" over the years. Excavation by the city, including direct erosion of the retaining wall, made the landslide virtually inevitable.

But why should facts get in the way of alarmism? We know global warming is going to destroy the earth. So we know that landslides are somehow the result of coal plants. That's how science works. Right?