Robert Gibbs: Obama's 'No Strategy' Remark Was A 'Wince-able' Moment

Today on Morning Joe, Robert Gibbs expressed what you know every single member of the staff was doing inside the White House when President Obama outlined his strategy as not a strategy last week: wincing. In fact, it's hard to imagine they didn't do a whole lot more than just wince, as we have seen damage control attempts from Democrats and their media supporters across the spectrum.

Of course, no one has made quite so valiant an effort as Joe Scarborough himself, who last week attempted to spin the remark as "straight out of Sun-Tzu." Today Joe seemed to agree with Gibbs that it was a big gaffe, but nevertheless prefaced and couched it in so much apology it was hard to tell.

"Obviously .. we all know it was a slip," says Scarborough. "He's human, mistakes are made." A far cry from last week's "that's what I would have said" commentary.

Flashback - Joe Scarborough thinks No Strategy comment was brilliant: