RNC Chair: Sanders Tougher to Beat Than Clinton

Calls Sanders a wildcard

The chair of the Republican National Committee says he would rather his party's eventual nominee face off against Hillary Clinton come November than socialist upstart Bernie Sanders.

"I always like the known commodity," Reince Priebus said.  

Priebus was asked which Democratic candidate he would want to deal with in the general election.

"Probably Hillary Clinton, it’s a tough call, but I always like the known commodity," Priebus said. "Although, I do think the sort of wild, socialistic, liberal Bernie Sanders would be fairly easy to beat as well."

It isn't clear whether Priebus was being serious and telling the truth or baiting his opposition and playing with their minds. While most eyes have been on the Republican race, the Democratic race has been heating up with several polls now putting Sanders ahead of Clinton in both Iowa and New Hampshire with just weeks to go before voting.