Richard Dawkins: State Should Protect Children From Religious Education

On Tuesday, Richard Dawkins—the world famous atheist biologist who previously said religion harms children more than "mild pedophilia"—went full-blown fascist when he declared the state should have the right to regulate religious education.

In an interview with The Irish Times, the professor lamented that parents currently have too much freedom over their children's education and should have it significantly rolled back by government.

"There is a balancing act and you have to balance the rights of parents and the rights of children and I think the balance has swung too far towards parents," he said. "Children do need to be protected so that they can have a proper education and not be indoctrinated in whatever religion their parents happen to have been brought up in."

Also present for the interview was physicist Lawrence Krauss, who echoed Dawkins' sentiments, saying that parents have "limited rights in determining what the curriculum is," because "the state is providing the education, it’s trying to make sure all children have equal opportunity.”

"Parents of course have concerns and a say, but they don’t have the right to shield their children from knowledge," Krauss continued. "That’s not a right any more than they have the right to shield their children from health care or medicine. And those parents that do that are often tried and imprisoned when they refuse to allow their children to get blood transfusions or whatever is necessary for their health. And this is necessary for their mental health."