Reuters Poll: Public Trust in Media is Rising

Oh, really?!

According to a new Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll, the American public is becoming increasingly trustworthy of the national media. 

Last year around November, just 39% of adults said they had either a “great deal” or “some” confidence in the press. The latest numbers indicate that of the 14,300 polled, that confidence rose to 48% by September.

Likewise, those polled that had “hardly any” confidence in the media last year fell from 51% to 45% in the same time period.

Reuters pointed out that President Trump has been highly critical of the national press and has called them the “enemy of the American people,” often lobbing accusations that they spread fake news. All indicators point to Trump being right about the media — we prove it here at TruthRevolt everyday — but Reuters "sources" say otherwise.

The same poll also showed confidence in the Trump administration dropping, as well:

Reuters/Ipsos, which tracked confidence in major institutions every couple of months after the 2016 presidential election, found in late January that 52 percent of Americans had a “great deal” or “some” confidence in the new president’s executive branch. That dropped to 51 percent in the May survey and to 48 percent in the latest poll. Trump took office in January.

In an attempt to bolster its findings, Reuters reminded readers that Barack Obama had higher numbers as he was leaving office after eight years with 57% — a whopping nine percentage-points higher than Trump’s first few months. We’re not sure that gives them bragging rights.

The poll indicates that along party lines, just 3% of Republicans showed more confidence in the media and 11% from Democrats. Again, that doesn't seem like a big leap.

But by all means, Reuters, shout these findings from the rooftops.