Report: Vatican Conducting Internal Polling on Same-Sex Marriage

Move comes as some gay teachers at Catholic schools are getting married

A recent spate of firings at Catholic schools has prompted a round of polling from the Vatican regarding same-sex marriage, according to a recent report. Monday cited a local example of a teacher taking advantage of the changing laws regarding same-sex marriage, and losing their job because of it. The article, citing The New York Times religion editor Michael Paulson, suggests the Vatican is potentially considering a different approach. He told Dave Ross of KIRO radio:

The Vatican has asked bishops around the world to survey Catholics about attitudes on a variety of issues relating to families and sexuality - including homosexuality and same sex marriage. There have already been results released, just in the last few days, from Catholics in Germany and Switzerland suggesting widespread disagreement among Catholics in the pews on Catholic teachings on these issues.

The Vatican's apparent decision to subject millenia-old doctrine to poll testing would represent a marked shift from traditional Catholic thinking.