Report: Ukrainian Police Arrest 9 Militants Smuggling Uranium-235

Russian news outlet reported Monday that Ukrainian police in the Chernovci region arrested  nine militants—eight Ukrainian citizens and one Russian—who were in possession of 1.5 kilos of substance containing Uranium 235, contents that could be used to create a “dirty bomb.”  

The car containing the U-235 had foreign plates and was coming from Pridnestrovie (or Transnistria), a Russian military occupied breakaway territory in Moldova.

The same report cited a number of pro-Russian terrorist activities in conjunction with Russian coordinators, including Igor Girkin (alias “Strelok”)—former Russian military, reportedly the orchestrator of the insurgencies in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions—who has been giving orders to steal dynamite used in coal mines with the goal of blowing up the Karlov water reservoir.

In a similar operation, NewsRu reports that pro-Russian insurgents have been blowing up mines in the “Pravyj Sector” with miners in them, compelling many to go on strike.

The article chronicles many successful counterstrikes against pro-Russian forces, but notes that those victories have not resulted in a decrease in terrorist activities.