Report: Total Cost Of Illegal Immigration is $135 Billion

It concludes that illegal immigration is a “staggering and crippling” drain on the public treasury.

Just what is the cost to the American taxpayer of illegal immigrants and their families? A new report claims the answer is $135 billion every year.

The Daily Caller reports that a study released last week from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) examined the fiscal costs of illegal immigration, which it calls a “staggering and crippling” drain on the public treasury.

According to FAIR, illegal aliens in 2016 cost governments at the federal, state and local levels $134.86 billion.

But illegals pay taxes, though, right? Shouldn't that make up for it? Not quite. Governments at all levels collected just $18.97 billion in taxes from illegal aliens last year, which means that illegal immigration was a net fiscal drain of $115.89 billion.

That loss was nearly $3 billion higher than the $113 billion cost in 2013, an increased of 2.6 percent, although some experts say the total population of illegal aliens has remained flat at just over 11 million, according to the Pew Research Center. But FAIR -- which, unlike Pew and other groups, counts unaccompanied minors and DACA recipients -- puts the figure at 12.5 million illegals, plus their 4.2 million U.S. citizen children. Each one of those individuals accounts for $8,075 in taxpayer spending, says FAIR.

States and cities spent about $89 billion on illegal immigrants in 2016, almost twice the $45.8 billion spent by the federal government.

More details from the report:

States and cities were particularly burdened by the cost of educating illegal immigrants and their children. Education expenditures ran up to just over $44 billion, half of all state and local spending on illegal immigration...

After education, states spent the most on health care and criminal justice, which cost $12.1 and $10.8 billion, respectively.

At the federal level, the lion’s share of spending on illegal immigrants came from health care expenses, including billions spent on Medicaid uncompensated hospital visits. Illegal immigration cost the U.S. government $17.1 billion in medical expenses in 2016, or about 37 percent of all federal outlays to illegal immigrants.

You can read the full report here.