Report: Pope Ditched Two Refugees Once He Found Out They Were Christians

"They offered me my future on a plate, and then 24 hours later they took it away."

One of the most appalling aspects of the current refugee crisis is that persecuted Christian across the Middle East are being completely ignored in favor of Muslim migrants. And when even the world's most prominent Christian figurehead does nothing to help, but instead worships at the altar of multiculturalism and its "new world order," what hope is there for Middle East Christians fleeing genocide? 

A disturbing report claims that when Pope Francis found out that two of the 12 Muslim refugees he recently planned to take back to the Vatican turned out to be Christians, he "dropped them like a hot potato." 

Roula and Malek Abo, a Christian brother and sister duo who hail from Syria, say they have been "let down" by the Pope after left them behind at a Lesbos refugee camp. They were promised a new life in Italy. According to blogger Geoffrey Grider

Roula and Malek Abo say they were two of the lucky ‘chosen 12’ refugees selected by the Vatican to be taken from the desperate camp and housed in Rome. But what seemed like the chance of a lifetime was cruelly snatched away when they were told the following day they couldn’t go. Instead three Muslim families were taken.

Roula, 22, and her brother arrived on Lesbos on April 1 – ten days after the controversial EU deal to return all asylum seekers arriving to Greece from Turkey.

Their application for asylum is being processed and they are waiting to learn if they will be sent back to Turkey. Stuck on Lesbos, Roula told MailOnline: ‘If they can do this for 12 people they can do it for more.

‘If you have promised to take people back to Italy will something like registration papers stand in your way?’

Neither Community Sant’Egidio, the charity which organised the trip, or the Vatican would explain the selection process over which migrants were picked.

Vatican spokesman Massimiliano Signifredi reportedly called the incident "regrettable" but blamed it on logistics. 

"The problem here is the three Syrians arrived after the March 20 deadline. They arrived just after the agreement between the European Union and Turkey. Mr Signifredi said: 'Our staff went to Lesbos and spoke with the people who were selected. But everything was decided by the Vatican.

Roula said they were approached by three volunteers believed to be from Sant’Egidio who told them they would "take us to Italy, to pack our bags and to meet them the next day."

"I was so excited to go to Italy – it was such a relief," Malek said. "They offered me my future on a plate, and then 24 hours later they took it away. ‘They had even told me that after a few months I could be reunited with my family and they would arrange for them to come from Damascus and join me in Italy."

According to the report, the offer was rescinded the very next day. 

‘The question why the Pope took only Muslims is difficult to understand and he was suffering, I think, because he wanted to do something also for Christians as the chief of the Catholic Church. But he couldn’t because there is this international agreement [with the EU].’

​The Pope told reporters on the plane back from Lesbos that it had been the idea of one of his aides and that he had immediately agreed.

‘I felt the spirit was talking to us,’ he said, adding that ‘everything was done according to the rules’, with documents provided by Italy, the Vatican and Greece.

Asked why they were all Muslim, he said there was something wrong with the papers of a Christian family that had originally been on the list. 


Grider notes that Pope Francis attempted to display a gesture of compassion in taking the Muslim refugees back to the Vatican, but that, as usual, "Middle Eastern Christians get nothing while all the focus remains on the Muslims."

"That’s the agenda from your New World Order pope."

According to the report, the Vatican refused to comment on the incident.