REPORT: Obama's Top Aide Leaked Hillary Email Story As Payback

President Obama's closest adviser, Valerie Jarrett, leaked the Hillary Clinton email story to the press -- timed to hit just as she prepares to jump into the 2016 race -- because, well, a lot of reasons, according to an explosive new report in the New York Post.

The story, written by Edward Klein,  author of "Blood Feud: The Clintons vs. the Obamas," says a bitter and spiteful Jarrett used people outside the Obama administration to spread the story so it wouldn't be traced back to the White House. 

The report also says that Hillary had a meeting with Obama, Jarrett and the first lady in which the president said he would be staying neutral in the 2016 Democratic presidential primary -- and that Jarrett has secretly met with her top foes for the nomination,  former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

The sabotage is part of an ­ongoing feud between the two Democrat powerhouses.
Last fall, during the run-up to the 2014 midterm elections, Jarrett was heard to complain bitterly that the Clintons were turning congressmen, senators, governors and grass-root party members against Obama by portraying him as an unpopular president who was an albatross around the neck of the party.
Jarrett was said to be livid that most Democrats running for election refused to be seen campaigning with the president. She blamed the Clintons for marginalizing the president and for trying to wrestle control of the Democratic Party away from Obama.
And she vowed payback.
My sources say Jarrett saw an opportunity to hit back hard when Monica Lewinsky suddenly resurfaced after years of living in obscurity. Jarrett discreetly put out word to some friendly members of the press that the White House would look with favor if they gave Monica some ink and airtime. ... 

What's more, the report says the State Department is conducting investigations into the use of her expense account, the disbursement of government funds, "her contact with foreign leaders and her possible collusion with the Clinton Foundation."

Six separate probes into Hillary’s performance have been ­going on at the State Department. I’m told that the e-mail scandal was timed to come out just as Hillary was on the verge of formally announcing that she was running for president — and that there’s more to come.
Members of Bill Clinton’s camp say the former president suspects the White House is the source of the leak and is furious.
'My contacts and friends in newspapers and TV tell me that they’ve been contacted by the White House and offered all kinds of negative stories about us,' one of Bill’s friends quotes him as saying. 'The Obamas are behind the e-mail story, and they’re spreading rumors that I’ve been with women, that Hillary promoted people at the State Department who’d done favors for our foundation, that John Kerry had to clean up diplomatic messes Hillary left behind.'
Then, according to this source, Bill added: 'The Obamas are out to get us any way they can.'

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