Report: Bill Clinton Received Millions From World’s Largest Sharia Law Education Group

That's comforting...

While mainstream media is busy obsessing over Donald Trump's so-called "mental health issues," more pressing matters are slipping through the proverbial cracks -- namely that the Clinton Foundation, once again, was found to have taken large sums of money from bad actors. 

The Daily Caller issued a new report detailing how former President Bill Clinton collected $5.6 million in fees from an entity dubbed GEMS Education, and that he was also named its "honorary chairman" from 2011 to 2014.

The issue is that this is no ordinary company. 

Based in Dubai, GEMS is the world's leading Sharia Law education center with a network of more than 100 schools across the Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

The company also seems to have contributed millions of dollars more to the Clinton Foundation itself. Daily Caller reports that Bill and Hillary's joint tax returns corroborate the former president's role with GEMS. Daily Caller adds: 

His biggest paycheck from the closely-held company — which is incorporated in the Cayman Islands — was in 2014 when he pocketed $2.1 million. It is unclear if Bill received income from the Middle Eastern firm in 2015, since Hillary has not yet released her tax return for that year.GEMS distributed a job notice in 2014 for a director of

“Islamic and Cultural Studies” for its campuses in the Saudi Kingdom. The skills for the position included proficiency in Sharia to help develop a curriculum. The company also acts as an educational consultant in Egypt, Jordan, and Libya.

[...] GEMS is one of the most dominant educational programs in the Middle East, with 51 separate schools operating in the region. Globally, the for-profit company claims that 250,000 students are learning under its program in 170 countries.

Outside of the Middle East and North Africa, GEMS operates schools in Kenya, Uganda, Southeast Asia, and the United Kingdom.

GEMS even has two “international” schools in Chicago.

Counter-terrorism analyst and former intelligence officer Stephen Coughlin said the Clinton's relationship with GEMS raises eyebrows. 

"Why would Bill Clinton be participating in programs that teach Sharia in foreign countries where that is the specific objective of the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS and al-Qaeda?" he asked during an interview with the Caller. 

Why, indeed?

The full report can be viewed here