Report: Bataclan Terrorists May Have Been Targeting Devout Christian Singer

"Where's the singer? Where are the Yanks?"

In an interesting development in the Bataclan theater terror attack in Paris six weeks ago, the UK's Daily Mail is reporting that the terrorists may have been partly targeting the lead singer of the band performing there that night, who is a devout Christian, gun owner, and Trump supporter.

Investigators are unearthing new details of the terror attacks across Paris on November 13. According to information from the judicial enquiry, Eagles of Death Metal singer Jesse Hughes, 43, apparently may have been a specific target of the Islamic terrorists at the Bataclan, where he and his band were performing for a crowd of more than a thousand concertgoers.

​Just after the shooting began and the California-based band ran offstage, one of the killers reportedly shouted, "Where's the singer? Where are the Yanks?" He then started playing a discarded xylophone, as other members of the ISIS cell searched for Hughes and his bandmates, who narrowly escaped the attack.

In addition to being a passionate supporter of the Second Amendment, Hughes reportedly supports "Islamophobic" presidential candidate Donald Trump, and once produced a radio podcast about Barack Obama called "Our President is a Foreign Born Muslim!!!!"

The killers also reportedly shouted,

"You're going to pay for Syria and Iraq... You do what you do in Syria. Listen to the people screaming. We're not in Syria, but we're taking action here. You do this to us, we're doing this to you."

The Bataclan theater itself was regularly threatened by groups who objected to its Jewish owners holding fundraising evenings for the Israeli military. The Eagles of Death Metal themselves are strong supporters of Israel, and have played gigs in Tel Aviv, which makes them a minority in the music biz.