Report: Assaults on NYPD Officers Significantly Up'

We can't imagine why.

Despite ensuring "sharp reductions in every major crime category" and a "historically low-crime summer" due to their stellar work, NYPD officers are under attack at an unprecedented level. 
The NY Post reports that assaults against police officers in the city are "significantly up" and that it is likely related to the increase in gun arrests: 

The local cop-assault numbers were released at a news conference at One Police Plaza attended by Mayor de Blasio and Police Commissioner James O’Neill, who was leading his first monthly crime briefing as the city’s top cop since taking over for former Commissioner Bill Bratton last month.

“The hard work of the men and woman of the NYPD is self-evident, but it is also supported by sustained reduction in crime,” O’Neill said.

“With September’s sharp reductions in every major crime category, on top of a historically low-crime summer, we are posed for a terrific fall season.”

NYPD Deputy of Operations Dermot Shea said there has been a 23 percent increase in attacks on cops so far this year compared to the same period in 2015 — and the troubling statistic could be related to the department’s increase in gun arrests.

“As gun arrests go up, we’re seeing our assaults on police officers … up significantly,” Shea said.

According to the Post, there have been a staggering 995 assaults on police officers in the city so far this year, up from 804 last year -- but the trend is national in scope: 

The scary jump reflects a national trend, which includes an increase in the number of US officers killed in the first half of the year. There were 67 law-enforcement officers killed in the line of duty between January and July 20, or five more than for the same period last year, according to previously released statistics.

Shea explained that the 23 percent increase in assaults on police officers is "further evidence of our officers putting themselves in harm’s way." Indeed. What is not mentioned as a cause of the increased statistic is the fact that New York's mayor -- not to mention the current U.S. administration -- consistently undermines law enforcement's authority and emboldens those seeking to harm police officers. 

This is what happens when elected leaders give credence to groups like Black Lives Matters, speak out on behalf of crime suspects over the police who stop them (and before the evidence has even been fully investigated), and use law enforcement members as scapegoats for a community whose penchant for violent crime exceeds what the normal human psyche can comprehend.  

This is the fallout of our elected leaders' consistent vilification of law enforcement and this trajectory will continue under a Hillary Clinton administration.