Report: Anti-Semitism on Uni Campuses Skyrockets - 516 Incidents in Last Year Alone

But let's remember to refrain from microagressions.

I suppose anti-Semitic sentiment does not constitute an assault on safe spaces or even ranks as a microaggression. If it did, perhaps universities and its student zombie hordes would care about the rise in anti-Semitism across campuses countrywide. 

A disturbing report released Monday by the AMCHA Initiative chronicles the growing number of anti-Semitic incidents on college campuses, particularly in the University of California system. Largely undocumented until now, the report derives its statistical information from "verifiable incidents compiled from media accounts and eyewitness reports."

In reviewing more than 100 colleges and universities with large Jewish populations, the AMCHA report found 516 anti-Semitic incidents occurred across campuses in just the last year alone. Not surprisingly, the UC system had the highest number of anti-Semitic incidents. 

Campus Reform provides a synopsis of this in-depth report:

The most popular anti-Semitic trope used by college vandals was, by a long shot, the swastika. Forty-two swastikas were found plastered on the walls of numerous college dorms and classrooms, including one at the University of Missouri which was smeared out of human feces.

The report also established a strong correlation between BDS movements and incidents of anti-Semitic expression. According to AMCHA, 95 percent of schools with BDS legislation on the table had one or more incidents of anti-Semitic expression, but only 33 percent of schools with no BDS movements had incidents of anti-Semitic expression.

According to AMCHA’s “anti-Semitism tracker,” California makes up 110 of 516 anti-Semitic incidents reported within the last year, which is 21 percent overall. The only state close to California was New York, with 87 incidents of anti-Semitism on its college campuses.

AMCHA also found that on more than 60 campuses, Israel was vilified with accusations of racism, Nazism, apartheid, genocide, and ethnic cleansing. One speaker at the University of Washington called the Israeli government the “embodiment of evil.”

She described Israel as “a racist, colonialist enterprise, with a government t dominated by fascistic militaristic, rabidly right-wing settlers who routinely deprive Palestinians of their human rights.”

More than 150 talks with a similar message were hosted on college campuses in the past year, according to AMCHA’s report.

"No student should ever be targeted for harm because of his or her perceived religious or ethnic identity, and yet, at far too many schools, Jewish students are routinely threatened because of their identity," AMCHA director Tammi Rossman-Benjamin said in a statement obtained by Campus Reform.

In a day and age when we are forever reminded of the importance of sensitivity towards others -- Muslims, the LGBT community, women, African-Americans, et al -- it is incredible that it is perfectly permissible to the Left that Jews be demonized at an institutional level. 

Left-wing contradiction and hypocrisy know no bounds.