Rep. John Lewis and Chief of Staff Under Ethics Investigation

"Not only did Collins violate these rules, but Rep. Lewis also violated them because his own campaign employed Collins in a prohibited position and paid him a prohibited salary."

The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT) is calling for a Congressional investigation into apparent violations of House ethics rules on the part of Georgia Democrat Rep. John Lewis and his chief of staff, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

FACT is asking the Office of Congressional Ethics to probe Lewis' chief of staff Michael Collins for his dual roles in the Lewis' Washington office and as the treasurer for the Congressman's 2016 reelection campaign.

As the Beacon points out, "Ethics rules bar senior House staff from serving in any fiduciary role for a political organization, and specifically mentioned campaign treasurers as a prohibited position for such staffers."

FACT's letter oc complaint also targets Lewis: "In this case, not only did Collins directly violate these rules, but Representative Lewis also violated the ethics rules because his own campaign employed Collins in a prohibited position and paid him a prohibited salary."

The Beacon has more:

The House Ethics Committee had previously sanctioned Collins for failing to disclose or pay taxes on more than $50,000 in income from Lewis' campaigns.

He has been paid by the campaign for work going back to 2002, though he did not serve as treasurer until the 2016 cycle. Collins' campaign income for each year since 2012 was exactly or almost exactly the limit for senior staff outside income set by House ethics officials for those years.

In its complaint, FACT wrote, "The outside employment ethics rules are based on fundamental and important principals that require enforcement to maintain the public's trust. Therefore, we urge the Board to immediately investigate and take appropriate action in response to this violation of the House Ethics Rules."

In an interview cited by the Beacon, FACT executive director Matthew Whitaker said he believes the OCE will find "a very clear violation of not only the letter but the spirit of the rules... There's a lot of room, ultimately, for the ethics committee to take action."

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