Rep. Hakeem Jeffries: 'Every Racist in America Voted for' Trump

"So many folks dripping in hatred flocked to his candidacy."

Fox News Insider reports that Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, a Democrat who represents East New York and Coney Island, said on the House floor that "every racist in America voted for Donald Trump."

Jeffries begins the video clip above by calling Trump's election a "backlash" against "eight years of progress" under former community organizer Barack Obama, which is half-right: it was indeed a backlash, but against eight years of race relations regress and the intentional dismantling of American exceptionalism.

"Why were so many people that worship at the altar of white supremacy drawn to Donald Trump's campaign?" he wondered, neglecting to question why so many people who worship at the altar of black supremacy were drawn to Barack Obama's campaign.

"So many folks dripping in hatred flocked to [Trump's]candidacy." But that's not to say, he hastened to add, "that everyone who voted for Donald Trump is a racist. We do know that every racist in America voted for Donald Trump."

How do "we" know that? Hakeem doesn't offer any evidence for it since it's a hateful lie.

Hakeem went on to smear Attorney General Jeff Sessions as someone "straight out of central casting in terms of the good ol' boys."

Speaking of lying, you may recall that back in December of 2014, Hakeem took to the House floor to perpetuate the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” lie that Ferguson, MO thug Michael Brown was murdered by officer Darren Wilson while surrendering with his hands up.

To read more about the race-baiting Hakeem Jeffries, check out his profile here at the Freedom Center's Discover the Networks resource site. Here's a sample:

During his years in state government, Jeffries favored race-based affirmative action preferences in public college admissions and public-sector hiring; supported increased government spending as a means of promoting economic growth; condemned what he called “the systematic civil rights abuses that result from the NYPD's stop-and-frisk program,” which he viewed as racist; advocated alternatives to incarceration for nonviolent offenders; co-sponsored a Student Loan Fairness Act that advocated loan forgiveness to borrowers who made 120 monthly payments over the course of 10 years; maintained that citizens should not be permitted to carry concealed firearms; and called for the transformation of vacant luxury condominiums into “affordable homes” for low-income families.