Rep. Alan Grayson's Wife: My Husband Has 'Been Hitting Me For Years'

"He's been hitting me a lot. I've been so quiet for years."

WFTV  Channel 9, a TV station in the Congressional District of Alan Grayson (D-FL), was able to secure a copy of an interview Mrs. Grayson gave the police after a recent domestic incident. If Grayson's wife is telling the truth, it reveals a shocking pattern of spousal abuse at the hands of the Florida Congressman. 

In the interview, Lolita Grayson told investigators that though Rep. Grayson had been abusing her for years, she stood by him. 

I'm done. My husband has always been hitting me for years. He's been hitting me a lot. I've been so quiet for years.

In December she learned that he had been cheating on her and threw him out.

I told him, "Handsome, I know the fact that you have been cheating for more than a year, two years." He doesn't have any remorse. He's so happy.

She stated that when she accused him, Grayson came to defense of his mistresses, saying, "They are my mistresses and I'm proud of that.'"

Mrs. Grayson also spoke about her husband's political habit of smearing people, as he did in an ad last year that compared the Tea Party to the Ku Klux Klan. 

I said, "Handsome, don't do that. You're destroying your (unintelligible). You accuse them because they've, they've never done anything to you." 

Mrs. Grayson filed for divorce in January, telling investigators that she hoped that she would be awarded enough money to "pay everything, unitl I die," from her abusive millionaire husband.