Renowned Islamic Scholar: Jews Plant "Gharqad" Trees To Hide From Muslims On Judgment Day

That particular hadith appears in "Article Seven" of the Hamas Covenant.

According to Ali Gomaa, world-renowned scholar of Islamic law who is a former Grand Mufti of Egypt, "Jews are planting Gharqad trees all over the West Bank" so they can hide from Muslims on Judgment day.

On December 23, Gomaa explained on the Egyptian TV channel CBC (translated by MEMRI) :

The hadith that relates how [the stones and the trees will say:] "There is a Jew behind me, come and kill him" is a 100% reliable hadith that appears in Muslim's compilation. But I must stress that we will not attack anyone. We are the ones under attack. The Prophet Muhammad was right when he foretold that before this, the Zionist entity would occupy our land, and would kill our sons, violate our women's honor, and steal our money.

One day this miracle will take place, when the Palestinians and all the Muslims will fight the Jews until even the stone and the tree will talk, except for the Ghardaq. That is what the hadith says. In Egypt, we have turned this into "Ghardaqa." The city of Ghardaqa is named after the Gharqad trees planted there. They changed the order of the letters, but it's the same thing.

[…]Some people question the reliability of this hadith, but it is 100% authentic and will come true. Look how the Jews are planting Gharqad trees all over the West Bank. They know that it will protect them when they hide behind it. They believe these sacred texts, while some Muslims doubt them. But most of the Muslims believe in these texts and will continue to do so.

That particular hadith is popular in the Muslim world. It appears in "Article Seven" of the Hamas Covenant.