REMINDER: Former NRA Instructor Armed with AR-15 Stopped TX Church Shooting

That was only three months ago. How quickly they forget.

Since the high school shooting in Florida, the anti-gun rhetoric has been flying fast and furious across the leftist media. There’s no responsibility attached to the shooter who killed 17 people; only the NRA and an AR-15 are to blame, apparently.

But just three short months ago, the NRA and an AR-15 were used to stop the Sutherland Springs church massacre in Texas thanks to a brave and well-armed citizen, Stephen Willeford.

Willeford retrieved his rifle from his gun safe and ran barefoot over to the church where he placed a precisely-aimed bullet in a small gap in the perpetrator’s body armor which caused the shooter, who had just killed 26 people inside a small church, to retreat to his vehicle. But Willeford, who was a trained former NRA instructor, didn’t stop there. He jumped into another man’s truck and the two pursued the gunman down the road to make sure he hurt no one else.

At the time, a humble Willeford told local news, “I’m no hero. I mean, I am not. I thank my God, my Lord protected me and gave me the skills to do what needed to be done.”

It seemed appropriate at such a time as this that the media and the other anti-Second Amendment mobs were reminded that an AR-15 is the perfect weapon to stop a madman and that the NRA has done a great job training law-abiding citizens how to defend themselves and others with firearms. How quickly the Left forgets.