Religious Intolerance In the NY Daily News

This morning's NY Daily News criticized the New York City Republican mayoral candidate for being respectful of Jewish customs. In the Orthodox Jewish tradition men and women are separated during prayer services. When Republican candidate Joe Lhota visited the Shomer Shabbos Synagogue on Wednesday, he stood in the back as a prayer service was going on.

In the video above around the 46 second mark one can hear a member of the congregation ask Lhota to have the women in his entourage wait outside because prayers were going on.

The NY Daily News blasted Lhota for the incident.

Joe Lhota does nothing as women with him are kicked out of Brooklyn synagogue

The Republican mayoral hopeful visited the Orthodox Shomer Shabbos synagogue and didn't object when three women with him — a Daily News reporter, a campaign aide and a member of his NYPD security detail — were asked to leave.

The article goes on to ask Lhota's Democratic opponent for his opinion of the visit:

 A spokesman for the campaign of Democrat Bill de Blasio said, “We’ve never invited press to an event where women would not be allowed.”

In a different article in the very same issue, the NY Daily News gave favorable coverage to the stance of both candidates that city schools should be closed for Muslim holidays.

The mayoral candidates agree that schools should recognize Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, the holiest days of the Muslim year, just as they do Jewish and Christian days. De Blasio says that schools must 'respect Muslim faiths,' and Lhota says he has been calling to close schools on the two days throughout his campaign.