Refugees Continue to Burn 'Calais Jungle' Camp, Concerned Citizens Say Migrants Want 'War'

This should serve as a cautionary tale.

calais libre le 19/01/2016

en exclu voila les migrants en pleine action la nuit derniere, et vous pouvez constater les jolies mots qu ils emploient (fuck fuck fuck you )

Posted by Calais libre on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

TruthRevolt has previously reported on a refugee camp in France unaffectionately dubbed the "Calais Jungle."

The encampment derives its name from the fact that Muslim migrants have turned it into a lawless cesspool teeming with trash, burning tires, and hooligans who run rampant as they wreak havoc. On several occasions migrants at the Jungle have even burned portions of it down just "because."

Now, additional footage has emerged of the Calais refugee camp ablaze as migrants set off fireworks and scream "f**ck you!."

According to the Facebook page to which the videos were posted, 300 migrants also assaulted police officers on a nearby highway Thursday morning. Breitbart adds:

Last week the French government expelled around one third of the 6,000 residents of The Jungle, moving them to nearby accommodation which had been purpose-built at a cost of €20 million (£15.4m), providing the migrants with proper beds, showers, electricity and heating.

Despite the freezing, unhygienic conditions in the shanty town, the migrants were angered by the move.

One Iraqi migrant told the BBC: “Personally, I wouldn’t go because they are requiring fingerprints and they are forcing us to stay in France to apply for asylum which we are not happy to do.”

Another migrant, from Eritrea, said he would “try to fight” the move, as “If we go inside to stay in the warm we don’t try to cross the border.”

Being in the camp near the motorway gave migrants a better chance of breaking into a lorry bound for the UK, he said. “The trucks that are coming here are mostly very quick. That is why we are near the road.”

A Calais community-group called Les Calaisiens en Colère are reportedly patrolling the encampment each night to document the offenses. One member commented that the migrants "want war."

As noted before, this is the mentality of a significant portion of migrants. While Westerners think the refugees will be grateful to their host countries, the opposite is true and the Calais Jungle should serve as a cautionary tale for the U.S. and other countries seeking to take its share of refugees in the coming months and years ahead.