Rasmussen Poll: CNN Least Trusted Cable News Network

Coming in behind MSNBC. That's right - behind MSNBC.

A Rasmussen Poll published Wednesday declares that CNN is the least trusted news network on cable television, reports Politistick.

The new poll found that 75% of those polled watch at least some cable news (24% say they rarely or never watch cable news networks for politics). Out of that number, 42% watch Fox News, 35% CNN, and  19% MSNBC.

Fox News topped the poll as trusted by 50% of those polled. MSNBC is viewed as trusted by 43%. The Clinton News Network came in third in trustworthiness at 33%.

So much for “The Most Trusted Name in News.”

The older the voter, the more likely he or she is to watch cable news networks for politics. Older voters prefer Fox News, while those under 40 prefer to watch CNN.

The poll also found that among all voters, only 37% trust the political news they are getting, compared to 36% who do not. Twenty-six percent (26%) aren't sure.

Regarding election coverage, the poll revealed that

[c]able news networks were the number one source of news about the presidential campaign for 37% of voters. Twenty-two percent (22%) relied on internet news sites, while just as many (21%) turned to traditional TV networks news. Seven percent (7%) got most of their news about the campaign from social media. Five percent (5%) used radio, and four percent (4%) looked primarily at print newspapers. Voters were pretty critical of the news coverage they got this election cycle, particularly those who relied on social media.

Sixty-two percent (62%) of all voters say the media, not the candidates, set the agenda in the presidential campaign, and 74% believe the media was more interested in controversy than in the issues.

No surprise there. Most also didn’t trust media fact-checking during the campaign. No surprise there, either. Are you getting the message, news media?