Rand Paul Files Amendment To Stop 'Operation Choke Point'

Rand Paul has filed Amendment 3292 to H.R. 4660, which would put a hold on Eric Holder’s “Operation Choke Point” – a operation that would put gun stores out of business.

examiner.com reports:

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), at the behest of Barack Obama, has declared that gun stores are "high risk" businesses. "High risk" businesses have been, up until now, a small category of supposedly disreputable businesses, which have included pornographers, sellers of drug paraphernalia, and payday lenders.

The second step in the process is Eric Holder's Justice Department's "Operation Choke Point." And its function is specifically to choke off any credit or credit card processing for businesses (now including gun owners) who fall in the "high risk" category.

But now, Rand Paul’s amendment, added to the Science Justice Commerce Appropriations bill, would cut off all efforts of the DOJ in stopping a gun stores credit, essentially saving them from having to close shop.