Rahm Emanuel Repeatedly Insults MSNBC's Chuck Todd

“Chuck, I'm going to get you a one-way ticket out of Washington... It's affecting your brain.”

On MSNBC’s Daily Rundown Thursday, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel brutalized Chuck Todd over the question of charter schools, calling his thinking “backward” and eventually telling him that Washington is “affecting your brain.”

While MNBC’s Todd rolled out the standard teachers union talking points, Emanuel, sounding far more like a conservative than a liberal, championed “choice” and blasted the destructive influence of Washington on the issue of effective education. When Todd tried to push the point, Emanuel told him he was going to buy him a “one-way tick out of Washington” because the “thin air” is “affecting your brain.”

Todd begins by asking Emanuel about his position on charter schools, to which Emanuel responds his key word is “choice” and his priority is providing “high quality” education. When Todd tries to interrupt, Emanuel tells him is thinking is “backward:

Emanuel: I think the debate in Washington is all wrong, and your question indicates a backward look to it.

Later Todd tries to push a few union talking points, Emanuel again telling him his thinking is retrograde:

Todd: My question on the charter issue is a charter school can pick and choose their students... .You see these ratings of charter schools. They don't have to deal with special needs students. They can say no to students if they're potentially on the spectrum of autism and some things, and a regular public school cannot. So when resources get pulled away... How do you deal with this to make sure a falling school doesn't lose students that can make it a better school?

Emanuel: No. See, again, Chuck, I really do think you're kind of looking at this in the old debate...

When Todd presses it again, asking, “So is this where public school is going, everything application-based?” Emanuel insults Todd’s connection to reality:

Emanuel: No. You know, Chuck, I'm going to get you a one-way ticket out of Washington. You need to get out of the thin air. It's affecting your brain.

Todd: Wow.

Emanuel: Because your debate reflects what happens in Washington, which is you miss what’s really going on on the ground.

Emanuel ends the discussion by repeating his point that Todd’s logic is lost in the “thin air of Washington.”

H/T Newsbusters.