Racine Schools to Fine Parents of Bullies

Parents have 90 days or will face a $1,000 fine.

In Racine, Wisconsin, parents may actually be held legally responsible for the bad behavior of their children.

The Racine Common Council voted to have parents fined up to $1,000 if they don't do anything to stop their kids from bullying others at school. If parents are notified about bullying behavior, they have 90 days to work with their kids to correct the behavior before they are ticketed. “If the parents are also held responsible, they may step up and say this isn’t right,” Tracey Larrin, 4th District Alderman said. “The parent may not even know the child is bullying somebody either. Now, this helps connect that.”

The ordinance has just passed and, while no tickets have been issued yet, three warning letters have been sent, according to Det. Sgt. Losby, who helped write the ordinance. "Those were effective," he said, "after those letters were issued, there was no more bullying by their child."

Some parents these days just need a little push to start instilling values in their kids.