Rachel Maddow Attacks Nebraska Abortion Ruling

"Time, of course, is of the essence here. The girl at the center of the case is now more than 4 months pregnant..."

Wednesday night, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow dissected the "injustices" encircling Nebraska's Legislative Bill 690 that passed the state legislature 41-6 with approval from the Republican majority. The bill stated minors must receive written parental consent before obtaining an abortion. Senator Lydia Brasch, the bill's architect, reasoned its permanence on the basis of "young women's safety, well-being, peace of mind." Maddow, smirking, reviled the Senator's reasoning, then employed the most trusted tactic amidst the left's arsenal -- dismantle a law's merits by exploiting one fringe case as the rule, not the exception.

Two years after the bill became law, the Nebraska state supreme court issued their first verdict under the parental consent law. Five out of the seven judges on the Nebraska Supreme Court, "refused a 16-year-old foster child's request to get an abortion without parental consent." She cannot get parental consent for her abortion, because her parents no longer have the right to be considered her parents. A Nebraska court dissolved their parental right because they physically abused and neglected their daughter. It was during that hearing the teenager told the court, in this confidential proceeding, that she was pregnant and felt she could not have the baby. She told the court she wanted to have an abortion because she did not have the financial resources to support a child, or she said "to be the right mom that I would look to be right now." The district court judge, hearing her plea, looked this young woman up and down, then asked her whether she knew that "when you have the abortion it is going to kill the child inside you." Then, he ruled she would not be allowed to have the abortion with no parents available to give written consent...So, the state of Nebraska will instead force her to give birth to a child, even though she doesn't want to.

The girl, unnamed for legal purposes, now plans to appeal the case with her attorney Catherine Mahern. Maddow concludes the segment, first ruefully shaking her head, then stating "time, of course, is of the essence here. The girl at the center of the case is now more than 4 months pregnant and she was only ten weeks pregnant when the state of Nebraska first denied her permission to have an abortion." Only just few months left to kill the baby. Maddow did not mention that the girl's foster parents have the right to grant her permission.