'Queer' Protesters Disrupt UCSB Talk on Traditional Marriage

The College Fix reports that more than 20 UC Santa Barbara students disrupted the start of a talk on campus in support of traditional marriage Tuesday night with loud chanting and crassly-worded signs.

Wearing black shirts with pink balloons that read “Queer,” the demonstrators stood to block the view of the stage as soon as the talk “Same Sex Marriage: Why Not?” began, chanting “Ain’t no power like the power of people ‘cause the power of people don’t stop.” Some held signs announcing that “Anal is the most inclusive form of f*cking,” “There is a Future in Sodomy,” “God Loves Fags,” and other classy and intellectually persuasive phrases.

The speaker – Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, a former Ivy League professor and founder and president of the pro-traditional marriage nonprofit Ruth Institute – came down from the stage to address the protestors, but like too many college students these days, they weren't interested in dialogue, only in shouting down other voices.

College Fix reports that the chanting lasted for about four or five minutes, then the protestors marched out of the lecture hall, allowing the event to continue. After the protestors left, about 45 students, scholars and community guests remained and listened to Dr. Morse’s lecture.

The talk was sponsored by the newly formed UCSB Anscombe Society, which aims to promote sexual purity and the traditional family on campus. The Society's invitation to the campus community read:

Whatever one’s views on this very important and contested question may be, we invite and encourage all to attend to critically interact with the speaker’s arguments and to ask tough questions during the Q&A in the interest of encouraging intellectual engagement on this issue.

So much for intellectual engagement.

According to her online bio, Morse is 

convinced that children need relationships with their mothers and fathers and that marriage provides the most reliable way of assuring that children receive this... And she came to believe that our toxic sexual culture lies at the root of our crumbling marriage culture. She is passionately dedicated to inspiring the victims of the sexual revolution to become survivors and ultimately advocates for positive change.

Her argument Tuesday night against gay marriage primarily revolved around protecting the child and his or her right to grow up in a home with a mother and father. “Kids need and deserve their own parents, and same-sex marriage will enshrine into law the opposite,” she said.

She also explained how gay marriage changes the entire family structure and gender roles:

If you’re going to redefine marriage, you’re going to redefine parenthood. Genderless marriage is going to create genderless parenthood.