Protestors to Hillary Clinton: 'You Are a Corporatist'

"...get your ass out of the race."

An angry group of people assembled in front of Trump Towers to demand Hillary Clinton release the transcripts of her speeches to Wall Street fat cats.

“You, Hillary Clinton, are not even a Democrat,” screamed a supporter of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. “You are a corporatist.”

“Either release the transcript or get your ass out of the race,” she added.

Another protestor at the rally said, he suspected double-talk in the speeches. Clinton said “what she would do to allow the Wall Street establishment to prosper,” he surmised. “She was giving an economic plan of how this country will grow… and it was more about Wall Street than it was about me and it about the working people in America.”

The former Secretary of State has come under fire for refusing to release her well-compensated speeches to Wall Street financial institutions. Her opponent Senator Bernie Sanders has criticized Clinton for her cozy relationship with big corporations.

Clinton has responded to the calls to release her speeches, saying that she will release the transcripts when everyone else does the same.


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