Professor Offers Bonus Points for Criticism of Donald Trump

"I found his class academically stifling."

A professor at Creighton University offered a unique extra credit question on his World Literature I: Antiquity to the Renaissance exam.

Professor Fidel Farjado-Acosta asked the multiple choice question: “Donald Trump is: a fool, already in hell, a clown, all of the answer choices for this question are correct, an evil man, the Anti-Christ.” The course is part of the Creighton University Magis Core Curriculum program.

The university describes the program: "The Magis CCAS Core Curriculum involves 18 components and 52 credit hours; specifically, it involves all of the 13 components (35 credit hours) of the Magis Common Core Curriculum and 5 additional components (17 credit hours) that are specific to the Creighton College of Arts & Sciences. Each component has a justification that is rooted in the Catholic and Jesuit intellectual tradition."

The course has "cultural diversity" as a main objective for the class. “The course’s pedagogy gives special attention to critical thinking and writing within a framework of cultural diversity as well as comparative and interdisciplinary analysis.”

A photo of the exam question was provided anonymously to the website Hypeline.

Farjado-Acosta has several notable comments on his page. 

“Do not take if you love capitalism,” one former student wrote.

“The subject matter can be a little jarring (Read: Left-Wing),” another wrote.

“Rather than stimulating I found his class academically stifling,” yet another student said. “College is about learning to think for yourself, not becoming someone’s mouthpiece.”