Professor Banned GOP Club From Women’s History Month Event

Shouldn't libs want conservatives to attend a feminist roundtable discussion?

Jessica Alabi, a sociology professor at Orange Coast College in California, decided that it wouldn't be safe to let conservatives attend an African American/Women’s roundtable discussion. Even though the March event was public, the professor banned the school’s Republican Club from attending. The professor explained her "safety concerns" to university officials in an email, which the Washington Examiner obtained and published: 

Hi Kevin. I just told the Republican club that they could not come to the Curl Talk event. This event is an African American / Women’s round table discussion. I asked Vincent why was he doing this and I was very upset. He brought five people who kept saying that they were told that they could come to women’s history month events. I just want everyone to be advised that the African American female students had and still have an expectation that this is a safe space event. If the college will not stand up to the Republican club, I have decided to stand up for myself and other students. Just wanted to keep you informed. 

So, let's get this straight. This professor believes it's an act of moral courage to "stand up to" a bunch of conservative college students? Her ridiculous political correctness would prevent people with differences from having real interactions. If she actually wanted to promote her liberal agenda, wouldn't it be a good thing for conservatives to be exposed to the roundtable discussion?

Thankfully, the President of OCC, Dennis Harkins, overruled Professor Alabi saying the conservative students can certainly attend the public event. I'm old enough to remember when liberals wanted open conversation about controversial topics in order to broaden students' minds. The entire incident demonstrates how rampant and absurd identity politics have become on campus.  

Watch this video to learn more: