Prof Calls for Overthrow of ‘White Democracy,’ Violate Laws of ‘White Man’s Constitution’

“This man will send those who disagree out of class.”

The video above features Diablo Valley College Professor Albert Ponce telling his class they “must destroy” the foundation’s of the United States because it was built on laws created by white men.

The footage was published last week by The Red Elephants after a student sent in the video taken during a lecture called “White Supremacy in the USA.”

“So we begin with the fact that we exist in a white supremacist, patriarchal, heteronormative, capitalist system,” the professor said. Paying the “very heavy price” for that system, Ponce added, were the indigenous peoples of the Americas. 

Ponce moves to Thomas Jefferson who believed all men were created equal except he had “200 slaves and… raped many of them.”

The laws written by Jefferson and the other Founding Fathers in the Constitution should be violated, Ponce argues, simply because they were written by white men. The professor believes our founding document “should be called a white man’s constitution.” This from a man who considers Karl Marx “one of the most profound thinkers in the history of Western philosophy.”

At one point, Ponce points to a slide of President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence and says, “So it is fitting that a white supremacist of old with a white supremacist of today exists and sit — they are smiling in the White House.”

Professor Ponce also states that the US flag doesn’t represent all Americans, therefore, many should remain seated during the pledge of allegiance:

“We are taught to get up and to pledge allegiance to the flag every single day. The flag is not really representative of everybody who is standing up in that room. Maybe that’s the way it should be taught. All those who this flag represents stand up, and maybe 50 percent of this room, you stay seated down because this is not for you.”

Next, Ponce talks “the abolition of white democracy:"

“What does abolition mean? Abolition means we must destroy it, not reform it. No voting is going to help. No writing your congressperson. We need to smash white supremacy…

“We try to use legal means, but are legal means enough?”

The student who sent The Red Elephants the footage claims that Ponce regularly “grades students down and fails them if they don’t agree with him.” Once a student nodded “no” in his class and Ponce threatened to send him to the dean’s office.

Other students have given bad marks to Ponce at his RateMyProfessor page, saying he is a “Marxist” who attacks Trump and "cis-gendered males." He has promoted Antifa violence during class and “tries to brainwash you with pure liberal propaganda,” that is when he’s not “belittl[ing] those who disagree.”

What Ponce teaches is what was shown to the world since Trump's election: when you encounter a straight white male that disagrees with you, punch that Nazi.