Pro-Terrorism T-Shirts Sold on Campus of Tufts Univ.

T-Shirts advocating for violent resistance and terrorism were sold on the campus of Tufts University during Students for Justice in Palestine's national conference last weekend. As reported in the Washington Free Beaconthe organization convened from October 24th to 26th to train students in "direct action."

One attendee, Gina Barghouti took to Instagram to brag about her new "goodies" that she brought back from the conference.

The t-shirt proclaiming that "resistance is not terrorism" features terrorist hijacker Leila Khaled, a member of the terrorist organization the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). Khaled participated in two airplace hijackings: one in 1969 and the other in 1970. 

The t-shirt attempts to justify Palestinian terrorism, which includes suicide bombings, against Israel as a legitimate form of resistance against Israel and the Israeli government. 

One conference attendee commented on the photo that she "bought the same tshirt."

Prior to the conference a Tufts University administrator defended the three day gathering, telling the Washington Free Beacon that it is in line with a "robust exchange of ideas,” which “can be challenging and uncomfortable."

Last year, J Street came under fire when TruthRevolt discovered that some of its members were wearing the same "resistance is not terrorism" t-shirt on the campus of Washington University.