Pro-Life Movie Smashes Crowdfunding Records

TV drama covering serial abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell will be made

Thanks to overwhelming support from the public through the crowdfunding site Indiegogo, the TV drama based on the crimes of abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell can now be made. Not only has it reached the funding target, it has smashed records in the process. Earlier this week, TruthRevolt followers got involved in cause, donating in huge numbers to the cause after learning that the film had been targeted by Kickstarter for not abiding by Kickstarter's pro-choice morality.

In a press release Friday, filmmakers Phelim McAleer, along with his wife Ann McElhinney and producing partner Magdalena Segieda, reveal that their movie Gosnell is the most successful film project ever to be on Indiegogo after raising $2.1 million from over 23,000 contributors -- bettering actor James Franco's Indiegogo film campaign. The film-making team that makes up Los Angeles-based Hat Tip Films can now boast that their project,, is the most successful non-celebrity crowdfunded film across any crowdfunding platform.

Originally, the independent film company partnered with Kickstarter, another crowdfunding site they had used previously to fund another project. But because of the controversial subject matter in this film about the Philadelphia abortion doctor who is currently serving multiple life sentences for killing thousands of babies and storing some in jars, Kickstarter informed the producers that their film might not be able to be hosted at their site. Facing this resistance, Hat Tip Films decided to go with Indiegogo. 

After reaching the $1 million dollar mark with Indiegogo, McAleer and his crew posted a billboard near Kickstarter's Brooklyn headquarters in protest of their blatant censorship. McAleer previously spoke with TruthRevolt about the motivation behind the billboard against Kickstarter and said, "When faced with a different point of view, their first instinct was to censor. We wanted to post the billboard to draw attention to Kickstarter's censorship -- to draw attention to how they don't want diversity of opinion on the crowdfunding platform."

Unbelievably, the media largely ignored the trial of Kermit Gosnell; that is why McAleer and his team are so passionate about making this film. They knew there was great public interest in learning the truth about the horrendous crimes Gosnell committed. Thanks to the news outlets like TruthRevolt, as well as through Hat Tip Films' media and billboard campaigns, the public responded by funding the project.

The producers share in the public's enthusiasm surrounding this story and express their thanks. Ann McElhinney said, "We are so thankful -- it has been an incredibly moving experience. People have been sending small donations and inspiring messages. They felt compelled, often because of personal experience, to ensure the Gosnell movie gets made. We are so, so, grateful for them. We will not let them down."

Magdalena Segieda said, "This will be a TV drama. It will be in every home in America. Americans are fascinated with serial killers but they have never heard of Kermit Gosnell. Because of this crowdfunding campaign, Kermit Gosnell's name will now be as well known as Jodi Arias and Ted Bundy. And that is fitting because Kermit Gosnell killed more than all the other serial killers combined. His story and the stories of his victims will now be told."

To further their success on the Indiegogo platform, the producers are initiating a "stretch goal" that goes beyond their initial funding target. The public has until midnight May 12 to contribute. McAleer hopes the success will allow the networks to take notice:

We want at least 30,000 people to donate to the project - we want to send a message to the networks and cable channels that there is an audience out there and we want to prove that by showing all these people were willing to pay for this film to be made. We want more people to turn up to give even a dollar.