'Pro-Israel' Sellout Saban Raises Huge Cash for Obama After Iran Deal

Haim Saban says cooperation with Israel "has never been stronger."

President Obama may be catching heat from many Israeli supporters, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, over the deal his administration struck with Iran over its uranium enrichment programs, but he cashed in Monday night thanks to one wealthy supposedly pro-Israel advocate.

Deadline reported on the fundraiser led by Univision media mogul Haim Saban:

“We’re out of Iraq, we’re out of Afghanistan and the military and intelligence cooperation with Israel — our staunchest ally in the Middle East, arguably in the world, has never been deeper and the president’s commitment to Israel’s security has never been stronger,” Saban said in his introduction to Obama’s remarks tonight at his Beverly Hills home, according to White House pool reports. “And if the Iranians are at the negotiating table today, make no mistake about it, it is only as a result of President Obama’s resolve in striking down the most strict sanctions ever.” The event was the second fundraiser of the night for Obama and the first Saban has hosted for the President directly.

The timing is especially curious, with the fundraiser falling mere days after the US led deal with Iran, a deal Netanyahu called “a historic mistake". That Saban helped Obama raise money at all is quite the coup for the President, given Saban’s earlier stated concerns over Obama’s support of Israel.

Southern California’s Public Radio reported last month on Saban’s previous reluctance to support Obama:

[I]t took him a long time to start writing checks to Barack Obama, whom he viewed as soft on Israel.

“Saban was very hesitant and very suspicious that Obama was, at the worst, anti-Israel and the best, neutral on Israel,” said Sherry Bebitch Jeffe, senior fellow at USC’s Price School of Public Policy. “And that didn’t cut it.”

Saban was so crushed after Hillary Clinton lost the Democratic nomination that he considered supporting John McCain. Ultimately, he decided he couldn’t abandon the Democrats.

Saban, whose capital group owns the massive Spanish media outlet Univision, has stated before that his top foreign policy priority is Iran: 

When I see Ahmadinejad, I see Hitler. They speak the same language. His motivation is also clear: the return of the Mahdi is a supreme goal. And for a religious person of deep self-persuasion, that supreme goal is worth the liquidation of five and a half million Jews. We cannot allow ourselves that. Nuclear weapons in the hands of a religious leadership that is convinced that the annihilation of Israel will bring about the emergence of a new Muslim caliphate? Israel cannot allow that. This is no game. It's truly an existential danger.

Saban refused comment to TruthRevolt over his support for President Obama just days after Obama signed away Israel's ability to defend itself by legitimizing Iran's quest for nuclear development. He is apparently too enamored of his Hollywood friends and connections to disappoint them by standing with the State of Israel against a president who has demonstrated consistent animus for the Jewish State.