Pro-Duggar Petition Surpasses Anti-Duggar Petition By 18,000 Signatures

Americans in flyover country have proven once again they will not be bullied into silence by militant LGBTQ activists.

Last week, a months-old petition that no one cared about got a tremendous surge in traffic after major media outlets like The Huffington Post and CNN heralded it to the masses. Why the sudden love? The petition sought the cancellation of TLC's hit reality show 19 Kids and Counting over the Duggar family's Christian views toward homosexuality and transgenderism. 

After the petition garnered close to 130,000 signatures, with just two days of the mainstream media's help, LifeSiteNews launched a counter-petition in support of the Duggar family, gaining tremendous steam with zero publicity from mainstream media outlets.

The LifeSiteNews petition has currently surpassed the petition by nearly 18,000 signatures: 182,960 to 164,621.

The petition launched in August and went virtually unnoticed without help from the mainstream press while LifeSiteNews petition launched last Thursday, gaining its support strictly from grassroots organizing. This spells positive news for religious conservatives who have increasingly been utilizing their market power to defend their values in a culture that has only sought to silence them. 

TLC has yet to comment on either petition.