Pressure Washing is Racist, Says Seattle Councilman, Even Though Poop is Everywhere

You think you’ve heard it all, then NOPE!

It’s a mess outside the King County Courthouse, according to The Seattle Times. Employees are hit with the horrendous stench of human excrement every morning on their way into work due to a high concentration of homeless people using the entrance as a bathroom. Couple that with several assaults against employees and jurors and nobody even wants to come near the building.

So, something has to be done. Two superior court judges have been brainstorming on how to clean up the unsanitary environment. Naturally, pressure washing the area comes to mind. But one city council member says that’s racist. No, really.

Larry Gossett, first elected to the King County Council in 1993, isn’t keen on the idea of pressure washing the poop off the sidewalks because that would bring back powerful images of black people getting the hose back in the ‘60s. 

Is that not unbelievable?

Maybe not after you read his Wikipedia entry. Here are some highlights:

  • a native of Seattle
  • was politicized and radicalized in Harlem in the ‘60s
  • returned to Seattle to found the Black Student Union at University of Washington
  • received the first-ever African American studies degree from U of W
  • the Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project calls him “one of Seattle’s best known young black radicals”
  • was a member of the militant, anti-white Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
  • worked with the Black Panthers and attended meetings and one of its leader’s funeral, but claims he never joined

You get the idea, now?

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